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I need an ativated entry for 250 000 00 every year for life?

I need an ativated entry for  250 000 00 every year for life
asked 2 years ago by anonymous 1 flag
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8 Answers

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To me entry in every prize
answered 7 months ago by anonymous
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I want to win pch giveaway 38
answered 6 months ago by anonymous
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I want to win 25,000.00 for life on pch but I don't know what needs to be done. Can you help me activate this entry?
answered 5 months ago by anonymous
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This does not give me the answer I am looking for . I need to know how to register and enter to win $250,000 a year for life ?
answered 4 months ago by anonymous
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I need to activate $250,000.00 for life
answered 4 months ago by anonymous
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YES ACTIVATE ON PCH FOR WIN $250,000.00 A YEARS FOR LIFE IS lito2you@yahoo.com
answered 4 months ago by anonymous
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I need to activate PCH To WIN $250,000.00 A-Year-For-Life.Kind regards
answered 2 months ago by wendierogerscra (340 points)
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I need this money I am on disability and I raise my grandson, I had him since he was five months old he is eleven now, It's just him and I.
answered 2 months ago by anonymous

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How to Activate an PCH entry to win $5 Every week for life on May 31thRichard?

How to Activate an PCH entry to win $5 Every week for life on May 31thRichard?

How ()
Thank you vary much for your patients I am sorry I am falling you and myself

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What do i have to do to make sure my entry is active?

i signed up for the 5000 a week for life and they are telling me i have to do this but i dont know how

How do I open my Entry To open 1830 to Win $5,000.00 every week for LIFE!?

Daniell, I need to open my Entry for !830 to WIN $5,000.00 every week for life! What do I need to do? Rush Marion

How do I claim entry for $5,000.00 a week for life on pch?

Would you happen to know how? If so please help with instruction or give me a site

How do I activate the entry for $5000.00 a week for life give-away??

I have no idea what PCH is talking about. The program just has me going in circles.

How can i activate my entry 5000 every week for life for agoust 29?

i need you help because i can not how activate my entry 5000 every week its very difficult for me thanks so much if you can help me see you then.

How to activate an entry to win 5000 every week for life on august 29?

how to activate an entry to win 5000 every week for life on august 29

What is my entry number for the five thousand a week for life?

I have followed every prompt and sti ll need the final box checked what do I need to do now to finaliaze my wining number?I keep searching but I'm not getting to the final box.

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