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How to close the absconding case in UAE if employer refused to have amicable solution?

During my 15 days vacation, my passport was damaged and was unusable three days before I supposed to leave. I informed them (mostly through skype) that and they gave me one week to get a new passport. But due to the fact that my passport was intentionally torn apart by husband, I had to go through legal investigation. It took me 1 month before I had my new passport. During this period, I have contacted my previous employer about it, send them the copy of my damaged passport as a proof and they told me that it was pointless for them to wait and that they considered it as my resignation.
I was asking for consideration, but there was no assurance if they will wait. My ticket going back to Dubai was also expired. They asked me to send my labor card to cancel my visa. I bought my own ticket going to Dubai  and send them the labor card and request for cancellation of visa and went out of UAE after 5 days.
Now, when I tried to contact them again, they said they have filed an absconding case against me. They had asked me before to pay 12000 dirhams to lift the permanent ban and I am very much willing to settle the amount if this is the proper way to do. I do not have the intention to return to UAE for work but the possibilities of passing Dubai in transit is very high. My visa now is cancelled but the absconding case I suppose is still pending.
I have also called MOL in Dubai but they said I need to have an amicable settlement first with my previous employer which the employer doesn't agree anymore.

Please help...Thank you
asked 2 years ago by joan_esperat82 (80 points)
edited 2 years ago by joan_esperat82

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0 Answers

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