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What does Stipend - DLUN 2011-12 mean for a Kaplan University Student?

I have Stipend - DLUN 2011-12 with a payment amount of $143.00 and am not sure what this means or how I got it? can you please explain/
asked 2 years ago by kamiehlert (120 points)
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0 Answers

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I got my check from Kaplan like 3 days after it was posted to my account It all depends on where you live to where the check needs to be sent depending on the mail

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Stipend - DLUN 2012-13.... this is under "payments" in my student account.?

Are they mailing a check to me? I received an email that my "education expense request" check has been mailed. What is this and what am I receiving?

What does stipend dlun 2010 11 mean on my student account?

What does stipend dlun 2010 11 mean on my student account

What does Stipend - DLUN 2012-13 means to a Kaplan University student??

I received my pell grant and it showed (845.00) at first and now when I look under my account at school it shows balance 000 but it also shows Stipend - DLUN 2012-13 as well. what does it mean.

What does Stipend - DLUN 2012-13 mean on my Kaplan account??

Does that mean check is sent? It did not say that yesterday now it does. I did request money to be sent to me.

What does Stipend DLUN 2012 13 mean on the student account history?

what does Stipend DLUN 2012 13 mean on the student account history

What does Stipend - DLUN 2012-13 mean??

this was on a college student account and need to know what it means dssf; flkjf ;kjflkj ofj ojf j foje foj ofj oewjfoi wjfwoi fjs fjf jwfoij foijf;sk j fj f oifjfoiojfjoij fojifoij foij foi o oijfsoijfoij foijfojf ojfoijf oijf ofjoi hfsfkj s lkfjvn oif;o ieuf wjfsdhoihggeo

How fast do you get a student stipend check from kaplan university?

how fast do you get a student stipend check from kaplan university

What does Stipend - DLUN 2012-13 mean?

I seen Stipend - DLUN 2012-13 on my kaplan account just wanted to know what it meant

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