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How to write a letter of reconsideration after a visa refusal?

My elder brother and sister-in-law had emigrated  to Canada10 years ago  from China , and they are permanent residents there now.  5 years ago, my mum appealed for a visa to pay them a visit there, but was turned down for reason of immigration tendency. To file a new appeal, we need to attach a convincing letter of reconsideration. How to do this? Would you please give me a sample? Thanks a lot.
asked 2 years ago by anonymous
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A letter of reconsideration to the U.S Embassy in Spain for a refusal of a visiting visa?

Hi. My name is ALEX, i had an interview last thursday for a visiting visa at the American Embassy in Spain. The lady who attended to me was not been friendly at all. The first question she asked was how did i got to Spain. I told her i came in with an italian visa, she then asked was it visiting or working visa. I told her it was visiting. She then asked how long have i been in Spain, i told her 7 years. The next question was how much do i earn at work in a month. I told her about 1100 to1200 Euro depending on the month. She just told me she's sorry, i can't come into the United States and she gave me my passport and told me to go. My problem is she never asked how much do i earn annually, which is about 16,456 Euro including benefits. She never asked if had any invitation letter, which was provided by my in-law and my sister who are legal citizens in the states for about 20 years and have stated in the letter that they are footing all the bills for my trip. She also never bother to asked where am working. How long i've i been working and if i had any recommeded letter from my company (D.S SMITH CARTON PLASTICO) which i had with me including my indefinate working contract. She never looked into my bank statement and my pay statements which i also had with me. She only asked three questions that was it. Please can u help with a protest or reconsideration letter i could present to the consular general so he could look into my details. Thanks. Alex.

How to make a reconsideration appeal for a refusal of visa?

how to make a reconsideration appeal for a refusal of visa

What to say in a letter of reconsideration of visa refusal?

my sister is a nurse and she was chosen to participate in a 2 months training course in Taiwan. They required a "transit american visa" because the flight leaves from Miami. the Taiwan embassy gave her all the documents stating the conditions of her stay and gave full details of the program. she works in a hospital, has no kid, not yet married but engaged. The worst: she lives in Haiti. she has a very decent life and has no intention to stay abroad. that's the first time she's been interested to apply for a visa. She travels to dominican Republic once for vacation. her concern right now is to participate in the training starting september 2nd. what should she put in the letter to convince the General Consult? she has been asked by the Taiwan Embassy to write a letter of reconsideration.

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can i appeal in us embassy for reconsideration of my visa application

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How to write a letter of reconsideration of visa application?

how to write a letter of reconsideration of visa application

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how to submit the letter of reconsideration to us embassy manila

How to write a letter of refusal of visa to immigration?

how to write a letter of refusal of visa to immigration

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