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I claim entry for pch 20 unclaimed prizes?

I claim entry for pch 20 unclaimed prizes
asked 7 months ago by paulinemcph (-1,660 points)
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9 Answers

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Thomas Dorsey say show me the money.and send it to me
answered 7 months ago by anonymous
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answered 5 months ago by anonymous
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How do I know Iif I wanna not .and how do you search the right way
answered 4 months ago by anonymous
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I claim 14w12
answered 3 months ago by anonymous
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I claim 14w12 or4228A
answered 3 months ago by anonymous
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I want to win the 100$ initial contest for 100$#3818
answered 3 months ago by anonymous
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14W12 code for pch cash
answered 1 month ago by mrtn2u (120 points)
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I claim all prizes I have entered on PCH.com.Thank-you
answered 1 month ago by erlinderman (120 points)
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Claim no.4900
answered 4 days ago by anonymous

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dont seem to know what to do or where to go to find answers for any solutions asked by pch in these word riddle games played Cant seem to find logical soution for your questions KH

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IWant to Claim 20 unclaimed Prizes #4228A)Claim o.3080 PrizePatrol)pchfrontpage 3080"Set for Life")##3818 initials B.W.?

I want to Claim4228A 20unclaimed Prizes I wish to claim it.)#3080 I want to claim that also Prize Patrol)Winner SelectionLists Admission Notice#3080)W1216)#11-05)3080)$10Million Ownership Papers)11-01)3080) Beneficiary$7,000,00 Every week for life)#3577)$1Million certificate)#3080)$1Million Tax Free.)#3600)$25,000,00 Cash bonus)#3080)PCHLotto Prize Access Pass#382-0314-1118$1,020,500,00)

I had recieved a e-mail that there are 20 unclaimed pch prizes how do i activate or how do i look for it maybe you can help me please?

how do i activate my claim for 20 unclaimed prizes please help me instead of letting these prizes go at least help me win one prize
I wood like to win unclaim from PCH

I would love to win 30 000 unclaimed prizes check 3080?

I would love to win 30 000 unclaimed prizes check 3080

How do i search & activate my claim to the 20 unclaimed prizes??

I have received an email from PCH Search & Win regarding the 20 unclaimed prizes. I tried to search but i am not lucky enough. Could you possibly help me search..

I see that often prizes are left unclaimed??

How does this happen and if I see I'm a winner what do I do? Is there a process I follow and does it come directly to my e-mail and give me the directions to follow?

What prizes have Tracy Redman (3080) won so far??

What prizes have Tracy Redman (3080) won so far on all parts of PCH? What prizes are still unclaimed and the email address to where I may claim them; Tracy Redman (3080)

What I have to search to activate PCH prizes?

What I have to search to activate PCH prizes

What I Have To Search To Activate Pch 7000 Prizes?

What I Have To Search To Activate Pch 7000 Prizes
Prove that their there and can be won
What prize have I won so far from PCH? Please show me the prize number, and the prize amount.

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HOW DO I MAKE SURE MY ENTRIES FOR VARIAS SUPER PRIZES LIKE 10000 A WEEK FOR LIFE ARE VALID AND ACEPTED? i claim entry to unclaimed pch secure my activatio? does 3080 have any unclaimed prize s? do not let you prize number ownership go unclaimed for pch win it all prize? I am making my claim on the unclaimed prizes from PCH? How To Find Unclaimed Pch Prize? i want to claim my entry at pch 4 unclaim prizes? how to claim unclaimed cash prizes? i want claim 38_06 38_02 and other prizes that were in my email to claim? How can I claim unclaimed prizes at home on my PC desktop? I CLAIM AND CLAIM AGAIN MY PCH 3080 I CLAIM ALL MY PRIZES CASH CODES NUMBER AND ANYTHING PERTAINING TO ME 3080 i CLAIM BACK FROM SHARON MCKENZIE HER REQUEST OF 5000 00 A WEEK I DENY HER REQUEST I CLAIM AND ACCEPT EVERTHING THAT PERTAINS TO ME AND MY NUMBER 3080 AS OF NOW? I need to find to activate 20 unclaimed pch prizes ??? I m searching for initialsk b pch gwyno 3818? where are the 20 unclaimed prizesto claim? why are there 20 unclaimed prizes what are the prizes?