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What needs to be done for the final step to winn $7,000.00 weekly for life?

I must do a final step to win $7,000.00 weekly for life. What do I have to do as far as the final step that is needed to win.
asked 1 year ago by emeraldlady51 1 (0 points)
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5 Answers

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sure! But I don't know when is the exact day and month of the winner
answered 1 year ago by thanhthanhton (180 points)
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I do not know what to do next
answered 11 months ago by anonymous
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Thank The Good Lord for All HE HAS DONE~***~Answered Prayers~***~
answered 7 months ago by anonymous
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Love the lord thy god
answered 6 months ago by anonymous
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I to ensure to lock my number in 7k a week for life time pch
answered 2 days ago by anonymous

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I need to activate 7000 a wk for life this is the final step i cant find the notice to do this.?

Please help me to activate the final step for 7000 ma wk for life, searching for the notice.
I am trying to due the last step to enter to win 7000 a week.I can not get it to enter.I need help to finish this. Thank you very much.

Please activate this final step for 7000 a wk for life and let me know when it is done.?

Please activate this final step for me asap and let me know when it is done. Please Help me.
please i need this money for real help me in God name please a millions time help. bless he be

What is the FINAL STEP that I must take to win $7,000/week for life??

I keep asking the question but get no direction! I am doing this online of course and keep going around in circles. Please help me. Thank-you!

What is the final step to claim 7 000 00 weekly from PCH?

what is the final step to claim 7 000 00 weekly from PCH

What is the final step to win the 7000 a week for life?

is there a code ?. what do I have to do to win this . Do I have to save all of the emails I get from pch ? .

Need help to the final step win 7m for life 4408 enter?

every time i try to make this entry some thing come up to stop me enter. can i ever win some money:-( my family's need every thing about now specially a bed. i will love to be able to get my self a bad:-) and get off the floor. Can you help me make my final enter please:-)

How do i do a search for final step 7,000 a week for life?

i do not know what to do help can you please guide me through this not very good on comp

How to activate the one final step for $7,000.00 a week for life?

I don't no how to activate it,would you show me how to do it step by step please show me how , thank you

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Alternate wordings
what is the final step to $7,000 a week forever? how do I secure my number for the final step in winning $7000.00 a week for life? can't activate pch final step? how do i activate pch final step for $7,000.00 a week for life on aprl 30 #4900? how do i activate my # for the final step for the pch 7000.00 a week sweepstakes? will i receive additional entries in the 7000wk for life is i search more than onceday? how do i activate TO GET THIS DONE? how do I qualify to win 7000 for life?