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How do i check my refund status from everest university online?

how do i check  my refund status from everest university online
asked 3 years ago by anonymous
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9 Answers

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I don't know. I want to know the same thing. They won't even tell you anything about a refund. When I finsh up this quarter with them I'm not re-enrolling. I switched a lot of things around to go back to school in my financial world because I thought I would have a refund check to depend on for my living expenses. Now I about to lose everything just because they won't give me my financial aid refund. I HATE EVEREST UNIVERSITY!
answered 3 years ago by anonymous
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I called and was able to find out the status of my refund without any problems.  When I first called I was told that the funding wasn't received but I requested that they submit a request to release my funding.  This was done without any problems and I was informed that within 7 to 10 days that my refund would be in the mail.  I called back before the 7 days just to ensure that my refund was being processed to find out that the refund check was already in the mail.  I have completed my Bachelor's degree with Everest and now I am working on my Master's.  I have been reading a lot of bad reviews but I am glad to say that I do not and have not experienced any of these problems.
answered 3 years ago by anonymous
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well i havent recieved they told me within 7-10 business days
answered 3 years ago by anonymous
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Everest is a joke!!! People who attend the actual school have no problems but I am an online student and they treat you like crap. I am in debt over my head and taking classes that have nothing to do with my field of study.
answered 2 years ago by anonymous
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thats true im taking classes that has nothing to do with what im going to school for yet still i havent got my money yet and they told me that my money is already in my account they never no nothing but they always get there money on time
answered 2 years ago by anonymous
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Aint thats the truth i just called and every time i call they tell me something different about my refund im going drop my classes and go some where else.
answered 2 years ago by anonymous
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Just to let you know, if this is your first time using Direct Loans as well as your first year of college then they hold your loan for the first 30 days AFTER classes start to ensure you dont change your mind about school and drop out but are still stuck paying back the portion of the loan that was disbursed. Your Pell GRANT funds should post to your account by the time the 3rd week of school starts, you can check this by logging onto the ePayment Gateway on the email login page. If you want to know what day the school is supposed to get your LOAN funds, login to www.nslds.ed.gov/nslds_SA and click on disclosure statements. If disclosure statements aren't available then the school hasn't gotten the money yet. If it is there then it will tell you what day the school will get the money and the school has up to 14 days BY LAW to mail you any leftover money, if thats the option you chose. Each quarter of school costs $4044 so to figure out what you will get back as a refund check, add the amount of Pell THAT WAS DISBURSED (NOT your FULL PELL grant amount) + the amount of your first disbursements (for both SUB and UNSUS LOANS) according to your disclosure statement. Subtract $4044 from the total and that equals the amount you will be receiving. I know all this because I ASKED, not ASSUMED what would happen.
answered 2 years ago by anonymous
Im sorry, I put the wrong info... www.nslds.ed.gov/nslds_SA should be used to check the info on your PELL Grant (Loan info wont be on here until AFTER the school gets the money) and www.studentloans.gov can be used to check your loan status and disclosure statements which tell you when the school will get the money.
what if you're not a first time borrower, but it's your first year at the school? Is there still a hold?
Usually not. You may have gotten selected for verification by the Dept. of Education, or you may have started classes too far into the quarter and they may be combining your check with next quarter's disbursement. If you check those websites I mentioned, they have all the info you need and if info isn't available for you on either site then that means your loan is still being processed or it was never even submitted. If it was submitted at least 3 weeks ago and you still see nothing, call the 1-800 number on the nslds.ed.gov site to verify it was submitted.
Thanks! I went to both sites and saw everything you mentioned that I would see if my student aid has been processed. Now, I guess it's time for the waiting game, lol. But thank you for the information. It was very informative.  :)
No problem, I think we should know EVERYTHING about these loans we have to pay back so i drilled my financial advisor lol. But yes, welcome to the waiting game...which shouldn't last longer than 18 days MAX ( up to14 days for the school to mail the check and 4 more days in the mail depending on where u live) from the time the school gets your tuition, just sayin :)
I have another question...I started in April.  PELL gave the school $5500 for the '11-'12 school year. In July, I start the summer term for the '12-'13 school year...what I want to know is do I get the remainder of the '11-'12 PELL grant back, or does it go back to PELL?
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Hi ive jus signed up n ive been tol it will taks 8 weeks for my refund is this right? Or am I being scammdd I start clas n 4 days n It seem lik re I should be gettinv my refund quicker....
answered 2 years ago by anonymous
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I don't know about that. You started late in the quarter, so you may have to cantact the financial aid office to see what's going on. Don't be afraid to ask questions, they are there to help us understand what's going on with our student finances.
answered 2 years ago by anonymous

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If you need to see or check on any of student tuition you need to go to this web address and have your student log-in information with your password and you will be able to see all of your student funding and stipend information there. This is the web address: http://students.everest.edu/Account Log in. I hope this helps you.

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