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How do i check to see if i am a winner.?

i have been with you guys since 2009 i love the give away that you have,but i would love to win.
asked 1 year ago by blackmoe41 (120 points)
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0 Answers

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i want win 5 activate entry my win cde wsr 382
On NBC nigthline
Information on the above detailsplease

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Can you please help me with a card where I can transfer to my debt card, I need to get cash so I can pay for a down payment and 1st months rent somewhere. I don't have a place to go and I'm getting scared. I need a moving truck because I can't move it with my body in my position. I'm begging you from GOD ABOVE Please Please!!! My Mom is getting very bad and I want her to see this if it is really going to happen, which my heart believes in you guys but I'm just so scared because my Parents aren't good and I don't know how Imgoing to make it in life I'm so serious.Thanx Guys Love You & My Prayers go out to you guys as well


Dear publisher clearing house My name is Barbara brownI would love to be the one to win $25,000 cash prize That will pay off all my debts And I could be debt free That would be a great blessing That would give me a new beginning A debt free life That will make me very happy And help me and my family a lot To know that we don't hold anyone Thank You PCH Forgive me this opportunity to become a winner I think you are wonderful Helping so many people Have a new beginning on life What more could a person ask for I give you thumbs up God Bless each and everyone of you. Good luck. I still waiting. PS hope to see you soon in Jacksonville Florida Your friend Barbara Number3816 God bless us all


$5000.00 a week for life. A dream come true. I know I should play more. To win. But, a path will lead us down the road to what is ours. If it is in my path. I will find I will win on my way. To where I am suppose to be. Helping people is my life dream. So f I win I will praise the people who made it possible. I will Thank God for the blessing and direction.


Please activate me win I g $5000.00 a week for life


I would love to win it would make me and my to two wonderful kids. This would mean the world to me especially for that I have was a single parent for 12 years. I hope and that I get this chance to be a winner thanks and god bless. Nora


do I still have a chance at all to win name is kenny pilkerton and my number is 3080 I pray I do good luck to everybody I just hope I still got it chance the win I'm hurting for money really bad I'm on oxygen I got COPD and I'm in bad shape real bad but God bless you all and good luck I love pch you're the greatest Danielle I like you and I love to meet you and the guys and you have a blessed day you all I hope


Yes I to Live in a local TV area channle 26 KMPH I really hope I'm the winner, it's been so hard lately with all the bills comning all at once I could sure use the help right now it would be true blessing for me, and my family........Sincerely Debra Garcia Ornelas


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how to check if an email to see if I am a winner?