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How do I quality for $7000.00 a week for life?

How do I find out what my super number is? The executive decsition has been made by the Executive Comity and I need to no what my super number is to qualify.
asked 1 year ago by dianekovalchick (140 points)
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0 Answers

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This is Donald c Ferguson #38 hope I the big winner
Show you want to win My family will have a better life Able to help get them to college to have a better chance
What ever the prize will be I will accept it with great woos

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How do I quality for 700000 a week for life?

How do I quality for 700000 a week for life

Could I win $7,000.00 per week for life??

I would like this would be great. would be super to win this could help the needy folk's everyware


I would like to find the hidden treasure of $7,000.00 a week for life and break the code to find and win the super prize.

I need help to find the secret hidden treasure? Also I would like to activate my initials for a chance to win PCH $100.00??

I have been searching for over 6 months to activate my initials to activate the PCH $100.00 and win the $7,000.00 a week for life on April 30th! Can you help me break the secret code to claim the super prize?

Did I break the code to win the Super Prize and Bonus of $50,000 for number sequence SW257??

I fully appreciate your help in trying to win the Big Super Prize and hope that I have complied with every aspect to try and win this Gwy No. 4900 for $7,000.00 a week for life on April 30th. I am excited about having this golden opportunity to maybe win?


I'm thinking they will instruct us on how to activate playing games maybe one step but let's hope they won't keep this hidden, having four grandchildren and I'm also disabled there's nothing more than to win this to better my kids life and be happy fullfilling our life ,college and just knowing foods on the table!


I want to "win it all, forever". I at 76 yrs old have never been able to celebrate life with my children,grandchildren or my 2 great grandchildren. But we did as much as we could afford. My late husband, spent our retirement investing it with the stoke mkt. this money was gone before I knew what he was doing.,I was still doing floor nursing and was just not opening my eyes. I sold our family home of 30yrs in order to live, bought one less than half the size and I'm doing just fine, until I fell and broke my back just a week before Christmas, bummer. It is still causing me. Lot of pain, but I'm coping. Must let you know that this is the first time I have entered the PCH and praise the Lord I had this to get involved in. It almost was the most cathartic thing I had going for me, I want to win to leave a legacy first for my family and my church. But I would be happy for anyone who wins. Yours truly,Marquetta Hales


Hi PCH! I WANT TO CLAIM MY PRIZE NUMBER FROM PCH PRIZE GIVEAWAY 4902! IT would Really be a BLESSING to My Family and I at this time! My Husband and I have been Missionaries for children for 29yrs now and have taken in children without any welfare or Government Help, We have always just worked and made a way to take them in. In 2006 my husband and I were in a accident which caused us both to be disabled. E still have continued to take children that need a home and two people to live then unconditionally. At this point though we have our oldest daughter and her husband and 4 children living in our small home with our 4yr old faucet. So you see how this would be a blessing. Thank you so much PCH. the Ransom Family

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