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How do i fill out the final step for the pch gwy on nov 26, 2013?

publishers clearing house gwy, final step for nov 26, 2013. what do i search for to fill out the final step
asked 2 years ago by heathernthem (80 points)
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1 Answer

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Yes I would like the correct answer on how to fill out the final step for the PCH gwy on Nov.26, 2013.
answered 2 years ago by thierbryant (140 points)

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How do I complete the final step?
Drink a bottle of Scotch say "**** It !" Turn off the goddamned computer and go to bed!
Yes I guess I thought it was for 5 but if it is for 7 that's better yet
How do I get to dat to secure it?

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Is there a Form I need to fill out for the Final Step GWY 3080??

I have been entering the PCH Contest for many years. I once won a $10.00 Prize so I believe I am doing things right but, that said. The Final Step is a little confusing and I do not want to make a mistake in entering . I Have entered each day on PCH Site all Fields that are on your site. I am Hoping I am doing this right. Is there a Form I need to send in? or Is my Online Entry qualified as an Entry? Thank You For Your help in this Critical Point of the Contest. Gail Doyle


It's all about the final step what form do I fill to sucre the #3080 certificate forever.Yes pch thank you for this opportunity to win,give me the final step and let me be the next winner.So much to do and so many to help.Can't wait just to help others makes me happy.GOD BLESS you all.


ear Mr. Daniel: I thank you very much for all your effort, you never let us down. Please help us complete the final step. Your time is very special to us. Just few more minute to reach the final in God Hands. Best Regards, ML


ear Mr. Daniel: I thank you very much for all your effort, you never let us down. Please help us complete the final step. Your time is very special to us. Just few more minute to reach the final in God Hands. Best Regards, ML

Thank you Mr. Daniel for standing by us to complete the final Step even there is obstacles that stop us from winning. Thank you in advance?

Look What You Could Win, Dr. Maryse! Publishers Clearing House Trouble viewing this email? | Please add us to your Contacts Publishers Clearing House Presents PCHFRONTPAGE I Want To Win! Win $5,OOO.OO A Week PLUS: Someone with your set of initials, D. L., will win $1OO.OO CASH! Search now! Dr. Maryse, your set of initials, D. L., could win you CASH as part of PCH Gwy. No. 3818!Search and you could Win $1OO.OO Cash! Hey, these are your initials, Dr. Maryse! Someone with the set of initials D. L. will win a $1OO.OO CASH PRIZE as part of PCH Gwy. No. 3818! Search now at PCHFrontpage and that winner could be you! And that's not all... Someone will DEFINITELY win a $5,OOO.OO A Week "Forever" Prize on February 27th from PCH Gwy. No. 3O8O! That's 5,OOO.OO a week for the winner's life, followed by $5,OOO.OO a week for the life of a beneficiary of the winner's choosing! Make your way to PCHFrontpage and search now! You never know what one search could lead to! I Want To Win! return to top Become a Fan on facebook Follow us on twitter "YOUR INITIALS" PRIZE AWARD GUARANTEE $67,6OO.OO in Prizes Up for Grabs Publishers Clearing House guarantees to announce a winner of $1OO.OO with the same initials as your first and last name. In Giveaway No. 3818, prizes of $1OO.OO will be awarded via random drawing from among eligible entrants with initials that match each of the 676 unique combinations of two letters in the alphabet. Prizes for unique initial combinations without a winner will be awarded at random from among all eligible entrants at Giveaway end. FINAL WINNER SELECTION PROCESSING FOR PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE GIVEAWAY NO. 3O8O Publishers Clearing House Giveaway No. 3O8O will end in just a few weeks, when we'll start the final process to select a winner of the prize to be awarded on February 27th 2O15. All people who timely enter through "Forever" Prize online Bulletins/Promotions during the timeframe of 11/17/14 through 2/18/15 will be assigned valid "Forever" Prize Numbers for Giveaway No. 3O8O, fully eligible to win $5,OOO.OO A Week "Forever" in our drawing on February 27th. (The "Forever" Prize consists of $5,OOO.OO a week for the life of the winner, and after that, $5,OOO.OO a week for the life of a designated person that the winner chooses.) Timely entries from earlier Bulletins/Promotions that have not yet been processed for winner selection will also be included in the drawing. For this final winner selection process, if an eligible matching winning number is not registered by the deadline, the base prize to be awarded in the second chance random drawing from among all timely entries will be supplemented up to the amount of the $5,OOO.OO A Week "Forever" Prize.

How do I complete the final step for PCH Giveaway 3080??

You are suppose to do a search to complete the final step, wwhich I did but nothings happens.


Activate final step Gwy. No.3080 win Forever Prize


My initials DA for PCH gwy 5220. win 100.00 cash Please activate for gwy 3080 Final winner. Thank you

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I want to win 1OO OO as a part of PCH Giveaway No 3818 and 10 000 a week for life prize on Dec 30th?