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Activate GWY NO"S 3080 and 3046 Repunzel1146@yahoo.com?

Activating my NO 3080,3600,3577,2764,2784,3045, 2891, 2765, 5377, 3175, 2704, 3185, 2231 and last 3046 I want to ACTIVATE all these GWY numbers because I have been playing all the online games with these GWY NO's
asked 1 year ago by anonymous 2 flags
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Did  I really win if I did thank u

7 Answers

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yes I be play all these number,and game with these gwy no
answered 11 months ago by evangmarybrown (140 points)
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I Deedee Cason worked really hard to try to win the PCH November winning.
answered 11 months ago by anonymous
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I have been trying for many months now to win but it shame that everyone haves the same # .... i just don't under stand how that work. Can someone tell me . ..please...
answered 10 months ago by anonymous
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I'm pch no. 3080 these are my numbers no?
answered 9 months ago by anonymous
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Well i have the same numbers as other people do. I sure don't understand this at all could you explain this one for me sounds awfully fishy to me
answered 8 months ago by anonymous
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How do I play I need more info?
answered 8 months ago by anonymous
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Is this a gimmick?
answered 6 months ago by anonymous

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Activate and confirm v38
How can I actvate my $5 for life through PCH?

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Submitting the claim to the 7,000.00 a week for life GWY NO 3080 Repunzel1146@yahoo.com ( Dawn Richards )?

claiming the GWY NO 3080 for the drawing on Nov. 26, 2013. Want to win it so bad family really need this to get us out of the financial hardship we are in, please Thank you for allowing us to play and have fun win the online games Dawn
Tyrone Griffin 382-10-17-13 I don"t know where to go
Every day I get the same notice that

Activate pch card number 382-10-17-13?

How do I activate pch card number 382-10-17-13? I don't know where to go! Please please help!

Where do I look to activate pch gwy no. 3080??

I can't find where to activate pch giveaway's. I check under e-bay,amazon but nothing! I give up after a while. I need all the help I can get!

Please Activate GWY NO 3080 Repunzel1146@yahoo.com?

Activate NO 3080 for my chance to win the 7,000.00 a week for life on Nov 26, 2013 would really help my financial situation right now. Home is in foreclosure

Is PCH GWY NO 3080 the winning No for me Repunzel1146@yahoo.com?

I need to win this it would help out my financial problems I am having. I can pay off my home and purchase 2 new cars and put my daughter through Collage and do repairs i need to have done around the home
I would not have to worry about eating, or having enough to put gas in the car or if I can fix my hair or buy makeup, I can even stop hiding around birth days or holidays because I just do not have it.I want to be a blessing to my family and to others as well as myself. There is a God.

Need to win this GWY NO 3080 Home is in Foreclosure would be a great burden off the sholders GWY NO 3080 Repunzel1146@yahoo.com?

It would be a god send if I won this money We could keep our home and my daughter wouldn't worry about having to leave her home. Repunzel1146@yahoo.com Dawn Richards DR
I want to win the PCH GWY NO 3080 Repunzel1146@yahoo.com. We are on retirement we want to help others. We do without I can make sure now all my grand children can go to college. My home life can be stable and I do not need to do without. I can help others.

I want to win the PCH GWY NO 3080 Repunzel1146@yahoo.com NDawn Richards DR money would help a lot right now?

could use the money me or my husband would not have to worry about putting our daughter through college and we would not have to work any more which would be nice. and we could save some money and help family out

I am claiming GWY NO 3080 as my winning No Repunzel1146@yahoo.com?

Need the money to pay my home off and do some needed repairs to my home. we need another car and money to send my daughter to collage. would help so much. also help a family member that needs help getting out of where they are living.

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I want to claim pch gwy no. 2891? i do not no what to ask or look for ? can i claim my giveaway no 3577? Is Registering for the PCH 700000 different an activating the chance to win? how to enter gwy 3080 7,000.00 a week for life? How to find winning number for PCH 3080? how do i activate pch grand prize No. 3080? I can't find a super# for enter and activate from GWY 3080? where do l seach at to find pch claim number 3080? how would you no if you win so many has 3080 phc gy no? i am searching for the winning prize 3046? how to find and activate $25K with GWY 3046? i want to claim my pch gwy no 3080? how do I activate my entry for the pch 3080 giveaway? How do i know i'v activate gwy 3060?