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How can I activate the PCH entry to activate the entry?

I have searched a number of times, but have not been able to activate the PCH entry.  Exactly where do I look to find the activation code?
asked 2 years ago by mfulmor3 (100 points)
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0 Answers

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yes I just don't know what to do or where to go to activate this prize! Will you please help me?
This us annoying i wanna win and do what im supposed to but you make it impossible

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I have searched for days, and I think you were helping me at one time I am 73 yrs oldand not getting any younger please gelp me

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I have searched but the activated button does not indicate it is activated. My number has been submitted for search. I have done random searches as well as specific searchs. How does one do this? This is maddening. Is your aim to drive people mad? If so, then you are successful. !@#$$%%^^&&**(())_+@!@##$$%%%^&&*(())_@###$$$$$$$$$$$%^&^^&**&^*()&&$^#$%*&(*^)())___+_**%&$#@$#$^^%^&*&*((())&%^%@$%$%^&&*&(%)()*(*&$#@!#%^&^^&*(*(*))*)_)++$^%&^*&())()_+&^%%^#@#)_+_)_)*&^%%^$%^%%&*(*&*)*)(_)+_)+*&%&^$^%$**&()(_))+)+_+_+_+(+_)+)+

I have searched to win for my entry to activate my chance to win millions on June 30th?

I have searched to win for my entry to activate my chance to win millions on June 30th

I am want to know how to activate pch entry number 3080?

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How can I activate my entry to have a chance to win? I've searched often, but to no avail! Also, I've searched refrigerator sales, etc.., for many many years!?

It seems like my searching is in vain! I've searched for all kinds of sales, etc, etc. etc.


Hello pch gwy search and win giveaway please activate my confirmed and claimed entries for the chance to win it all sweepstakes I've searched and know I'm writing pch gwy for a chance to win yeyyyy thanks I've released 1 through 5 please activate them for me thanks


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