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How do I complete the final step for the PCH sweepstake?

You are told to search but not told what to search for.I've tried several things but only get more questions.  I feel like they are trying to screw everyone up so they cannot possibly win.  Do you agree?
asked 1 year ago by connie12321 (80 points)
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yes I agree I been trying to enter and its sending me to a q@ answer room what does that have to do with any of this I'm confused.
I also agree. I think this is a complete scam

6 Answers

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do you think it"s a scame?
answered 1 year ago by patty.kline182 (160 points)
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How do I search  final to win
answered 8 months ago by anonymous
Go to different Pch sights you'll find a enteries
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Definitely a bad way to do business.
answered 8 months ago by anonymous
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As many times as I have tried to get in and win the money, it always fails. Hey, I just want to be able to list my name and wait to see if I win. Simple!!!!!
answered 6 months ago by anonymous
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Wait for you to come to My door in Indiana with My Big Check
answered 2 weeks ago by anonymous
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How do I do the final steps to win ... I want to win !!!!! Please
answered 1 week ago by anonymous

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How do I complete the final step?
Drink a bottle of Scotch say "**** It !" Turn off the goddamned computer and go to bed!
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Yes how do I get to stage three?

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