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Where do I enter and claim my superprize number to win the mega Superprize?

Please help me to find the way to enter my superprize number so I have the chance to win the mega superprize. I am hoping that it is the winning number and I really think it might be!!
asked 1 year ago by heavnsangels (660 points)
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14 Answers

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I don't understand how to play
answered 7 months ago by anonymous
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I will have to put v1830
answered 1 year ago by anonymous
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how long does it take to win PCH superprize
answered 11 months ago by cliffordlott (160 points)
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Activate 903589325 for1830
answered 11 months ago by James James (1,450 points)
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enter to winter pays plays
answered 11 months ago by anonymous
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I hope I win so I can finaly get a place for me and my girlfriend so we don't have to live in are car anymore
answered 10 months ago by anonymous
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Where do i get my superprize. Number plez help thank you
answered 5 months ago by faustina (140 points)
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3080   M.R Marigelys  Rodriguez
answered 5 months ago by anonymous
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answered 4 months ago by anonymous
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Were do I enter to win superprize
answered 4 months ago by anonymous
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Where is the entry number i put in to search??? Makes no sense!  Plz help
answered 3 months ago by anonymous
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I'm entering to win 1,000.00number 3577trying to win
answered 3 weeks ago by anonymous
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I dnt understand this game please help!
answered 1 day ago by tina steele (230 points)
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My super prize number is PCH-14P43027  my name is Gail Wilbanks
answered 1 hour ago by anonymous

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I am trying to see if my clam member 388 have win
(autoresponse) Fwd: Deposit of Macias Prize Number Must Be Accepted!
Yes I need assistance to win the superprize I need to claim the#388

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How do i claim my superprize number?

how do i claim my superprize number
How do i claim my PCH Superprize No. ? I need to claim a Prize No. By the end of the day, drawing on April 30th, Pls Pls assist me, thnx Pauline. ..

How do i claim and activate my pch superprize number?

how do i claim and activate my pch superprize number
PCH IM TRYING TO CLAIM & ACTIVATE MY ENTRY FOR SUPERPRIZE NO. (305-457-4168) pls enter so my name Pauline will appear on the Winner Selection Range, to Win $7,000.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE SUPERPRIZE. . A "SPECIAL EARLY LOOK GWY NO. 3080. . (SET FOR LUFE)

How do I activate where to enter-and -claim- Superprize -number-the Superprize?

Hello Daniel, I am trying to activate and enter and claim Superprize number of the Superprize so I can Win..I have been chasing this for about one and a half years now?

How does one enter and activate all necessary data for superprize contests.?

What requirements do I need to provide besides to entry form and daily pch search/win.
Yes how do i enter ALL Entry No"s. So I can enter them all to Win $ 7,000.00 A Week For Life Superprize Event for April 30th drawing gwy no.3080 ... With a "Special Early Look" ( SET FOR LIFE ) I need ur Help thnx Pauline. ...

How do I enter my superprize number?

how do I enter my superprize number
I have been trying for the last month to enter my number an don"t know where to start. I just don"t understandn.
Pch im entering my Superprize No . 305-457-4168 Pls Activate, SUPERPRIZE NO. ON THE WINNER SELECTION RANGE TO WIN $7,000.00; A WEEK FOR LIFE, GWY NO. 3080 FOR APRIL 30TH

How do iactivated my super prize??

my $10,000,000.00 superprize from pch. how do iactivate my entry? i dont know much about computer .i just started trying in the last several month .i am sixty five year old. and i would to win some of these big super prizes. after seventh years i lost my job now i have lost my unemployment .and only a little over five hundred social security after my co pay.i pray to God every day to let me win something . im about to lose every thing .since i dont have a car i really cannot get out to find one. and i am about to lose my house. i stay up late every until about three or four hoping this is my time .i pray to God this is my time.

Whereto look to activate and claim superprize entry??

i dont know where to look .my job close after 17 years and i dont know nothing about a computer.i pray that you may be able to help me .God know i need it .i need to win something.thank-you. im

Where is my superprize number to claim?

where is my superprize number to claim
Pls I need ur help I need to claim my Superprize No. Pls issue me a Prize No. I need to do this by the ending of today... Help help pls, thnx Pauline
I need help for my surprise number to claim it . my name is Amber Auffrey. I see that alot of people have the same number that I have why is that what is my number

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how do i get my number from pch search and win? will number 3577 win will it be me? How do I enter or activate my superprize pch? how do I enter to claim a millionaire making super? how to get claim numbr for PCH Search Win? I am claiming a bonus superprize entry? how do i claim my superprize numbers? I Would Like To Claim My Superprize Numbers Claim? I m searching for my entry claim number? how do I get my claim number and my winnings now? How can i claim the superprize number list? how do I activate 10,000$aweek#4900and get superprize number? how do I verify my superprize information? where do i claim entry to win 10 000 00 cssh priz? where do i search to claim my entry to win a milli?