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How do i activate my pch entry today?

i tried to activate still goes back to the same page and saying the same thing activat
asked 2 years ago by ettamay2007 (80 points)
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4 Answers

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yes i would i need help with the answer
answered 2 years ago by dealieandjames48 (200 points)
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When will i be a Millionaire?
answered 2 years ago by anonymous
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It certainly is similar to my situation.  It seems to lock up and there is no progress.
answered 2 years ago by sweetjewels2 (140 points)
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please leave a message on my e-mail
answered 1 year ago by anonymous

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Please activate all my number please
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yes i wouldcan you please help me to activate search an win

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How do i activate my pc entry?

Want to know if every thing is right with my entry and if im doing things write

I want to activate my entry but do not know how to do it. Why do they make things so complicated. I am 81 years old and is hard to understand.?

I am trying to enter for the $1Million and do not know how to search and win. This whole thing is very complicated. Sometimes I spend hours trying to search and win

I get things from pch saying search to activate your entry.but i dont know how to do that?

tell me how can i activate.im really interestedin trying to win some money but im lost when it comes to activating

I am not sure how to activate my entry for the superprize;?

I know we have to search but I have done some things I really wanted to know about and barely made it in time, If you can help I will be forever grateful.

How do activate superprize for pch. i keep getting things that says to search but nothing working??

what do I entry in the search bar in PCH to win? How do activate superprize for pch. i keep getting things that says to search but nothing working?

How do I activate the Superprize ??

I have gone to the Search & Win but can not understand how to activate the Alert#17-06

How can I activate my entry for $5,000.00 a week?

I have search all over the internet to try to activate my entry for PCH and this seemsto be as close as I can get.I entered my entry and it was accepted but now I have to activate it????

How do i activate an search my numbers?

i dont really understand what im suppose to do on the search what do i search for i i try annatorres and the no but it does not say anything just takes me to a site im not interested in

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asked 2 years ago by anonymous
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I am 81 Years old and would like to win 5 entries for the superprize but would like to know how much money is at stake? why do you have to activate a number? why is this so complicated to fiond these things - frustrated? HOW DO FIND NUMBER SO I CAN ACTIVATE THEM? I keep searching for things but nothing? WHY IS IT SO HARD TO ACTIVATE AN ENTRY?