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I keep getting notices to activate my entry but i dont understand how to find entry to confirm?

dont understand how to search for entry so i can confirm it. i have been getting noticeces that entry have been confirmed but they keep sending me notices that activation is still pending   what should i do
asked 2 years ago by dealieandjames48 (200 points)
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3 Answers

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you activate your pch prize entry
answered 1 year ago by anonymous
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sorry  activate your pch prize entry# by your phone #
answered 1 year ago by anonymous
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Can you just let me know please
answered 1 year ago by anonymous

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yes i would i need help with the answer
thrice in a day
Search & win
yes I would like to have an answer as soon as possible
No just to know how to Activate my entry

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not able to activate and i dont know why ? dont understand why its so difficult?
Neither do I. Nor do I understand how to read answers to these questions

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Activate your PCH entry by clicking on Search and then typing in "Psychopsema". Learn from Nicholas Staphapolus, economic crime researcher who developed this word February 2011 in order to help us understand what really goes on with innocent children in the system.


Search "Psychopsema" on PCH site

How do I activate the PCH search in order to activate my entry?????

in order to go forward in this contest you must ask the search bar to search for something, however once this is done I still cannot have them activte my entry!!!!! thanks for your help

How do i activate my pch 5k entry and how do i use the pch search?

not sure what to do or that I understand the PCH search and win requests. When I'm prompted to the PCH search and win field and type in a search response, I'm guess I'm not sure what in need to search for or what response I'.m to enter

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Alternate wordings
I don't want to order. How can I activate my entry? I dont understand how to search for a prize number? i would like to know what do i do with my number 3080 i dnt understand? i want to activate my code i dont understand the pages that keep coming up? I don't understand about the letter? what am i suppose to do now?? i do not understand?